Oxford Landing Estates

Introducing Real Food

We're proud to introduce Real Food - a library of authentic Australian recipes, created by our resident kitchen genius Chris Wotton. Our aim is to give you a great source of reliable, stress-free food to turn to, whatever the season, occasion or weather.

And, whatever you choose to eat, we've something good to drink with it.

Our Real Wines

We're keeping it real

At Oxford Landing, we like to ‘keep it real’. That means maintaining a sense of perspective and recognising what really matters. Remembering where we came from and being proud of our roots. And making wines that are a true reflection of the place they come from.

What to eat this weekend

Or, how about one of these delicious Spring pairings?

Set on the banks of South Australia’s majestic Murray River, the Oxford Landing vineyard is named after a nearby site where drovers once grazed and watered sheep. Today it’s home to a loyal flock of down-to-earth folk who take great pride in making quality wines, enjoyed the world over.

Where are you?