Our Ethos
Our Ethos

We've got natures back

The Oxford Landing team is committed to the protection of our environment. We have purposefully moved to lighter a weight glass bottle to reduce our carbon footprint, consciously limit our water usage and have been committed to replenishing the native flora of the region with our extensive revegetation project.


Oxford Landing
revegetation project

Our revegetation project kicked off in 2007. We purchased 600 hectares of unused farmland next to the vineyard and devoted ourselves to the replanting and regeneration of native flora and fauna, bringing life back to this part of the region. Thanks to our former vineyard manager, the late Bill Wilksch who spearheaded this project, over 200,000 native trees and shrubs have been planted in a dedicated conservation area at Oxford Landing.

Our Ethos

Our winery is SWA accredited
Sustainable Winemaking Australia
Lightweight bottle & recyclable cartons reducing impact
We proudly recycle 100% of our winery wastewater.
Recycling Wastewater
Over 200,000 native trees and shrubs have been planted
Zero animal products used in our wine production
Vegan Wines
Being vegan
Vegan wines are not a fad. Nor is the demand for them. Their popularity is rising. And we are glad, as all our wines are vegan and have been since 2008. It may come as a surprise that many wines are made using processing aids such as milk, egg or fining agents including gelatine. Not ours. Zero animal products (including fish, meat, eggs, or dairy) have been used in the production of our wines for more than 12 years. We’re extremely proud to say it’s going to stay that way.

SA born and bottled

We make and bottle, every one of our wines at our winery in South Australia, so we can ensure traceability and guarantee authenticity, provenance, quality and consistency of our wines.
We put our heart and soul into every bottle of wine we make, and we can provide a living for those in our community who share our passion.
For us this is about sustainability – community sustainability.