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Riverlife by Oxford Landing

The Story of Riverlife


“When the Hill-Smith Family first tilled the arid soils of Oxford Landing back in 1958, they were driven by a bold vision to put the life of the Riverland at the heart of their new vineyard.

Now, over half a century later, that life has found itself etched into the stories and painted onto the bottles of their latest drop.

It’s a drop that calls to the days spent basking in the sun, leaving wakes on the water and easing into a night around the fire. That perfect balance between peace and exhilaration.

When you take Riverlife by Oxford Landing to your next event, you’re not just bringing a bottle of delicious Riverland wine with you…

You’re bringing the playful tranquillity of the Riverland lifestyle.

You’re bringing an emphatic support of the Riverland wildlife.

You’re bringing the life to the party.

Bring the life.


Riverlife by Oxford Landing Wake Making Moscato 2022

This one’s for the wake-makers, drying off in the sun after a day on the water. Whether it’s on the wakeboards, skis or the helm of the boat; this one’s all about the wet, fast and frivolous fun of the Riverland.

Bursting with flavour and sweetness, yet refreshingly light, the assortment of fruits blend together to form a delicately balanced palette of aromas. Flavours of guava, lychee and mango sorbet swirl effortlessly alongside hints of white roses and jasmine, topped off with a fresh citrus acidity and subtle spritz finisher.

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Riverlife by Oxford Landing Sun Chasing Pinot Grigio 2022

This one’s for watching the sunset mirrored on the water as it makes its descent out of the sky. It’s for celebrating all that is good in the moment as the local wildlife start their evening chorus.

Pale in colour yet weighty in texture, this drop exhales aromas of poached pears, custard apples and fresh apple pies. An irresistibly creamy finish is adorned with a soft acidity that is sure to bring a lively freshness to a wide array of dishes.

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Riverlife by Oxford Landing Stargazing juicy Red 2022

This one’s for the nights around the fire with a guitar in hand, singing under the stars with those you love most. It’s for working a little less, living a little more and sharing your wildest dreams under the guise of the moonlight.

A vibrant cherry red in colour and in taste, with hints of raspberry and ripe strawberries to fill the flavour. Delectably juicy, yet soft on the palette, this red is best enjoyed slightly chilled and as fresh as possible.

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