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A Day on the River

A Day on the River

Oxford Landing would not be Oxford Landing without the beautiful Murray River. It is the lifeblood for the vineyard, the people, the town of Waikerie, the whole Riverland community and the thousands of Australian flora and fauna that live on its banks. It is Australia’s longest river and the major river running through South Australia. For the locals, it’s a tranquil place of retreat, as well as a hive of activity in the warm summer months, as people come up from Adelaide to get away.

Set amongst a warm and dry landscape, it’s a mirage that actually exists. Sitting by the river with a glass of Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc in hand, it’s hard to believe you are surrounded in all this beauty.

In the cooler months of the year, you have the whole river to yourself. Just a whisper of wind in the willow trees, and ripples of water gently lapping the banks. Looking across to the other side of the river, just 50 metres away, kangaroos graze peacefully in the scrub.

The ducks are quick to spot you sitting on the bank and come over in hope of a morsel of bread. Look out carefully and you may even see a Murray Cod jump up to catch an insect. Beneath the surface is a myriad of aquatic life, and when the river runs high there is always an abundance of yabbies in the back waters. These are fun to catch and make a wonderful entrée to the evening’s barbeque tea.

Alongside the river are plenty of bush trails and places to explore. The cooling shade from the river red gums are a welcome relief from the warm sun and provide plenty of shelter for the numerous birdlife, lizards and echidnas.

There something about having nature right on your doorstep. It carries you to another place and clears your mind, at least for a quick moment. And then it’s back to work…


Yabby Cocktail Sauce

½ cup of tomato sauce
½ cup of cream
3 teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce
A few drops of Tabasco sauce

Mix together and drizzle on top of cooked yabbies over a bed of shredded lettuce.

12 Oct 2021